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Consulting Services

The Callahan Consulting Group (CCG) specializes in Homebuilding and Building Products. We design long-term strategies to improve efficiencies, reduce cost, shrink lead-times, manage supply risk, develop new products, drive sales and manage our client's brand. Our consultants are industry experts who have "walked a mile in your shoes". At CCG our sole focus is helping you achieve long term value. Let's make it happen! Contact us today and let's talk about how we can help.

National, Regional, Local Agreements

The Callahan Consulting Group is pioneer in National, Regional and Local Agreements between homebuilders and building product companies...

  • RFP development
  • Bid lists
  • Negotiation
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Value Engineering

Let us spend time at your site meeting with your suppliers, service providers and operations team to identify waste. By the end of the week you will have...

  • Alternative Materials
  • Material Optimization
  • Material Take-Offs
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Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Management (SCM) in residential construction is elaborate and complex. Businesses in the channel are interconnected taking categories like...

  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Management
  • Inventory Management
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The Callahan Consulting Group (CCG) offers training in all aspects of Supply Chain Management. Whether you are on the Sell or the Buy side we can help.....

  • Sell side training
  • Buy side training
  • Negotiation Strategy
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Sales & Marketing

CCG knows that efficient growth starts with good product, a great brand and more than a fundamental understanding of your target customer. Competition is fighting market share. Comapnies need proven marketing...

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Product Development

We help clients develop everything from floor plans to building products that solve the unmet needs of the marketplace. We specialize in single family detached...

  • Homebuilding
  • Building Products
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