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Why CCG?

Are you looking for a homebuilding consultant or a building products consultant? Do you need help turning around a company that is no longer profitable or want to make your company more profitable? Callahan Consulting Group, LLC has an experienced team of industry veterans who are intimately familiar with supply chain management, Lean principles, value engineering, new product development, sales and brand management within the homebuilding and building product industries.

Most companies want to increase sales but lack the capital to provide customized sales training, develop new products or market their brand as much as they would like. CCG is unique in that we help you reduce costs through supply chain management and procurement initiatives. Our Lean management experts help you identify and reduce waste. Then our sales and marketing consultants help you reinvest the savings into strategic initiatives to increase revenue.

So the next time you need a homebuilding consultant or a building product consultant in North America or anywhere else for that matter, call the Callahan Consulting Group. We will help you grow both the top and bottom line.

  • Sales Training:

    Get noticed during your next RFI, RFP or RFQ. We will train your sales staff on what buyers are looking for and how your organization can stand out in the process. CCG will work with you through the negotiation process. Ever wonder what is going through a buyers head? We can help you understand the buyer thinking process.

  • Cost Reduction:

    CCG can help reduce your cost of material and services. We'll start by fully understanding your situation, budget, desires, timelines, and expectations. We will then meet with your team, material and service providers and provide you with actionable items to reduce your costs in the short, intermediate and long term.

  • Cycle-time Reduction - Faster is Better:

    Cycle time reduction is a real focus for CCG and our clients. We know your customers want their products and services faster. By reducing cycle-time companies have improved their margins by reducing inventory costs, labor costs, theft and vandalism. CCG will work with your operations team, suppliers and service providers, to help your organiztion reduce non-value-added activities and inefficiencies without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Improvement:

    Instilling a continuous improvement mindset throughout an organization is critical to it's long term viability. Involving those closest to the process and empowering them to make decisions that advance the organization is paramount to your success. CCG can help manage the "white space" between your supply chain and operating departments. We will spend time with your key suppliers, service providers and operations team. CCG will provide customized training in areas like Lean, Continuous Improvement, Early Supplier Involvement and Concurrent Engineering strategies that will reduce cost, cycle time and risk. We provide your team and your supply chain with proven tools and techniques that they can use the very next day.