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Value Engineering

Let us spend time at your site meeting with your suppliers, service providers and operations team to identify waste. By the end of the week you will have implementable ideas that will reduce costs and cycle time without sacrificing quality. We guarantee it! Callahan Consulting Group will work with "those closest to the process" within your organization, suppliers and service providers to identify and drive out waste. Let our Lean team analyze your operation. Even if you are already Lean we can help take you to the next level.

  • Alternative Materials

    How do you determine which material to use? Have you considered alternate materials that may last longer, are less expensive, have higher yields, are easier to install, etc? Picking the right material is critical. Let Callahan Consulting Group make some recommendations that you may not have thought of before.

  • Material Take-Offs

    Do you know how much material it should take to complete your job? Buying materials on an installed basis saves time but can leave you open to higher costs. Once you know how much material is needed you are in a better position. You can purchase materials for most categories direct from a distributor or use your knowledge of the materials required to negotiate a fair price with your turn-key installer. Too busy to calculate how much material you need? Let us calculate it for you.

  • Material Optimization

    Optimizing the material required for a job requires that you select the right materials, quantities, lengths or sheet sizes and communicate with your supply chain to make sure that they know how to cut, fabricate and install those products. Let Callahan Consulting Group help you get the most out of your material purchases.

  • Material Utilization

    Ever see good or damaged material in a dumpster? That can be frustrating when you know that one way or another, you are paying for it TWICE. You pay for the discarded material directly or in your turn-key contract and you pay to have it hauled off to the landfill. Let us work with your trades/suppliers to reduce or eliminate material waste on your jobsite or in your factory.

  • LEAN events

    In this economy you are either improving or failing. There is no room for status quo. Instilling a continuous improvement mindset throughout an organization is critical to it's long term viability. Involving those closest to the process and empowering them to make decisions that advance the organization is paramount to your success. Callahan Consulting Group can help manage the "white space" between your supply chain and operating departments. We will spend time with your key suppliers, service providers and operations team. Callahan Consulting Group will provide customized training in areas like Lean, Continuous Improvement, Early Supplier Involvement and Concurrent Engineering strategies that will reduce cost, cycle time and risk. We provide your team and your supply chain with proven tools and techniques that they can use the very next day.

  • Outsourcing

    Knowing your core competencies is key to any successful business. Core competencies are those mission critical functions that you do better than anyone else, are a competitive advantage and often a trade secret. Outsourcing non-core competencies allow you to focus on what you do best. Not sure where to begin? Call Callahan Consulting Group today.