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Product Development Strategy

The Callahan Consulting Group (CCG) helps clients develop everything from floor plans to building products that solve the unmet needs in the marketplace. We specialize in single family, detached home designs and the products used to build them.

  • Homebuilding

    Are you happy with your average sales per plan? Callahan Consulting Group can help you improve sales through co-development of better product. We can bring new life into existing house plans with minimal changes or work with your existing resources to develop new plans that are focused on your target customer and value engineered for profit.

    We start with elevations that get the target customers attention. After all, getting them in the door requires curb appeal. Elevations need to be fresh and in sync with the region that you are building. Next, floor plans need to be efficient and consider how your target customer will live in the home. We will help you value engineer the structure so you can put more money in the kitchen, owners bedroom and owners bath. We believe those are the three most important rooms in the house. Call CCG today to learn more about our product development process.

  • Building Products:

    The Callahan Consulting Group (CCG) helps clients who are developing green products, looking for green products or need help driving sales of their current green products. We focus on products that are energy efficient, conserve water or improve indoor air quality.

    If you need a green product in the residential homebuilding market, call us today. Let Callahan Consulting Group show you the products that meet your specific requirements. We strive to stay abreast of energy efficient products, water-conserving products and products that improve indoor air quality. However, you give us your requirements for any building product application and we will provide you will a list of building products that meet your requirements and information on the manufacturers who make them.

    Have a new building product that saves material and/or labor? Let the Callahan Consulting Group help you bring it to market or expand your current market share. We are always on the look out for the next great building product. If you have it and need help developing a strategy to get it to market, call CCG today.