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About Us

The Callahan Consulting Group (CCG) is a strong consultancy firm specializing in Homebuilding and Building products. Together, with our clients, we design long-term strategies to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, shrink lead-times, manage supply risk, develop new products, drive sales and manage our clients brand. We utilize proven techniques including lean, Early Supplier involvement, Business Process Re-engineering and competitive benchmarking to enhance our customers' operations.

We are homebuilding consultants and building product consultants with real life cost reduction experience in supply chains, procurement, purchasing, inventory and materials management. Callahan Consulting Group works with our clients to reinvest the savings back into the business to grow the top line and help companies like yours be more profitable. We can also help you manage supply risk, reduce lead-times, design new products and develop a brand management strategy.

Whether you are looking for help in a single sourcing event, a comprehensive supply chain management program, product development, value engineering, sales improvement, or brand management, the Callahan Consulting Group can provide solutions to all your business needs.